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Dick Brown

Bio and Discography

I was born in Artesia, NM on Sept 24, 1947. My dad was a professional musician in the 30s and 40s in TX. He was a drummer in a big band scenario. He quit music when he married my mom, a couple of years before I was born. I started playing music in the 6th grade with the (ugh!) violin……but hadn’t heard of bluegrass at that point. Played music all through school (percussion) and got interested in folk music in 1963 during my sophomore year through my biology teacher. I finally heard bluegrass when I bought the “Foggy Mt. Banjo” LP by Flatt and Scruggs. I knew from that day what I wanted to do……play the banjo.

I went to college for a year in Stillwater, OK and met Gary Price, who showed me the basic rolls and how to play a few Scruggs tunes. As I found out later, he had just shown a guy down in Norman, OK the same things…….fella by the name of Alan Munde. I ended up meeting Alan in 1975 in Denver at a festival and we discovered our humble beginnings. I served in the USAF for 22 yrs and played on Taiwan television while stationed in Thailand. I traveled some with the 13th Air Force band and did a Vegas-type show for the troops. It was during my time in Thailand that I really started to focus more on playing.

Meeting Alan in 1975 really opened my eyes to how much I DIDN’T know! I had also started studying Bill Emerson’s style about that same time. While stationed there in Denver I met and became close friends with Lynn Morris, Charles Sawtelle and Pete Wernick before moving to AZ, where I live now. I was fortunate enough to get to spend some one-on-one time with Alan and he passed on a lot of invaluable information and philosophy.

I moved to Phoenix in 1976 and have been here on and off ever since. I played for 20 yrs with a local band called Traditional Bluegrass. They made one album before I joined the band and we never cut one together. We played many times at the Norco, CA festival and there I met a host of other pickers…….Byron Berline, John Hickman, Dan Crary, Bluegrass Cardinals, Vern Williams, Keith Little, Stuart Duncan, Alison Brown (when they were just kids), Ken Orrick, Jeff Harvey, and the list just goes on and on. I won the Four Corners State Banjo Championship in Wickenburg, AZ two times.

When I finally retired I moved to So Calif and worked for McDonnell Douglas for a number of years, continuing to play music……moving to WY for a 2 yr stint in 1993. When I returned to So Calif in 1995 I played for about a yr with Pacific Crest and got a call from Ken Orrick one day in late summer of 1995. We got together with Jeff Harvey and Marshall Andrews and re-formed Lost Highway, adding Paul Shelasky a year later. Jeff left the band in 1998 and was replaced by Eric Uglum. I moved back to Phoenix in 2002 and got remarried in 2004. I toured and recorded with Lost Highway until Aug 2006.  

Bruce Johnson called me when he heard I was leaving Lost Highway and said we should get together and pick some. I thought it over and finally in Apr 2007 I took Mark Miracle with me to a bluegrass campout at a friend’s in Copperopolis, CA. They lived on Sawmill Road and the nucleus of the band was formed that weekend. Bruce left the band in Jan 2009 and Doug Bartlett joined in Feb. In Jun of 2010 Sawmill Road decided to disband and I contacted Copper River and told them I was available full-time. I’ve been with them ever since. I have also been teaching banjo in Phoenix since 2004.  

The future? I want to go just as far as I can go as a musician, with a band that is committed to the music and each other…….I will stay until I can no longer physically pick. I will then have done what I was put on this earth to do……..


1995 - “Pacific Crest” – Pacific Crest , Pacific Crest Records 

1998 - “November Rain” – Lost Highway, LHR Records

1999 - “Headin’ Down That Lost Highway” – Lost Highway, Hay Holler Records

1999 - “Fiddle Crazy” – Paul Shelasky, LHR Records

2000 - “Lifetime of Sorrow” – Lost Highway, Hay Holler Records

2000 – “Sharon Graeff and Lost Highway” – Sharon Graeff, Heritage Records

2002 - “Pictures and Stories” – Ken Orrick, Hay Holler Records

2003 - “A Bluegrass Gospel Compilation” – Lost Highway, Hay Holler Records

2004 – “Bluegrass the Way You Like It” – Lost Highway, Hay Holler Records

2004 – “Christmas Songs” – Compilation of Hay Holler recording artists, Hay Holler Records

2005 – “Heaven’s Got An Angel” – Lost Highway, Erica Records

2008 – “Lost Highway LIVE!” – Lost Highway, Eric Uglum Records

2008 – “Sawmill Road 1” – Sawmill Road, SMR Records

2009 – “Sawmill Road 2, Fire On the Kettle” – Sawmill Road, SMR Records

2011 – “Trolley Days” - Thomas Porter and Copper River

2019 - "Waltz in the Bluegrass"


Bob Denoncourt

Bob not only plays bass, but is a talented vocalist who can sing harmony parts in addition to lead v

Bio and Discography


Bob not only plays bass, but is a talented vocalist who can sing harmony parts in addition to lead vocals.

Bob has played several different styles of bass. He began with a Kay upright bass then went to a fretless electric bass for more mobility on stage. He continued playing acoustic and electric with various bands and then went to a five-string acoustic electric when Copper River was formed. With new technology making the blend of wood and electronics sound more acoustic in upright electric basses, he went with an Eminence Upright Acoustic Electric four string. He has downsized again and is now playing a Kala U Bass.

He had an early interest in music, as his mother was a huge big band fan. In particular, she really liked drummer Gene Krupa. Therefore, it was not surprising that Bob’s first “instrument” was a set of drums. What a lucky break for a kid to have a mom who loved drums. To this day, he can “name that tune” when he hears a big band song.

When Bob was in the Navy, he played drums in a jazz combo.

Bob started his Bluegrass career shortly after he met Sam and Bobby (Thibodeau) Tidwell.  Assuming that Bob could keep time, he was designated the new bass man but until that point had never touched a stringed instrument.

While on the East Coast, he played with Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys and filled in for Bobby T with Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys. In Maine he played with award winning bands including the Kennebec Valley Boys, Bluegrass Supply Company, Back Porch Bluegrass, Northern Valley Boys. The Kennebec Valley Boys generally were the back up band for Canadian fiddler Simon St. Pierre.

Out West, he performed for several years with High Strung from the Reno area after working with the Titan Valley Warheads for five years in Tucson.

More recently, back in Arizona, he was a founding member of Copper River and X-Train and has performed with Traditional Bluegrass while also filling in on bass with the Titan Valley Warheads who are still going strong after more than 30 years.


Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys

West Virginia Coal Miner's Blues Old Homestead OHS 90011  1973  197303

Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys Rounder  0039   1974


Northern Valley Boys 

Old -time Country and Fiddle Tunes


Kennebec Valley Boys

Maine Train INTERSTATE IS-76-200

Last Log Drive Revonah RS-922  1976


Fred Pike

Fred Pike & The Flat Top Guitar

Revonah RS-929

Recorded in Maine September & October 1977


Simon St. Pierre

Woods of Maine Revonah RS 920  1975

Fiddler from Maine Revonah RS-926  1977 Recorded November 10 & 11, 1976 

Simon St. Pierre FRC206 – BrandyWine Festival 1977


Titan Valley Warheads

Blast Off 1986


The High Strung Band

High Strung HS 0004  1991

Six of One; Half Dozen of the Other BLCD 1363  1993


Cypress Creek Band

Knee Deep 1998

On the Road with the Cypress Band 1999

Thank God for the Lighthouse 1999

New Look, New Sound 2000

Florida Blues 2001



Live & Kickin' It  Recorded/Engineered 2010 by Old Blue Sound

A Collection  A compilation of songs previously recorded by members of X-Train on albums with other bands.

X-Train Live Volume 2  Tracks 1-13 recorded live at LAVA in Tucson 2012

Engineered, mixed, and recorded my Mark LaVere; Tracks 14-15 recorded live at 23rd Harrietville National Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention, Australia 2011; Engineered, mixed, and recorded by Mark Woods & Greg Bartlett; Tracks 2, 8, 11, 13 Peter McLaughlin Habanero Music, BMI;Tracks 14 & 15  Scott Collins


Copper River Band  "Black Diamond"


Thomas Porter and Copper River – “Trolley Days” 


Rusted Spurs West   "Tumble Weeds & Old Horses" 


Rusted Spurs West  "Ridin', Ropin', & Rounders"  

Old Blue Band  "Waltz in the Bluegrass" 

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Jim Govern


Bio and Discography


Born in Indiana and grew up in West Virginia

Musical journey started at age 13 playing folk songs on the guitar.

In later teen age years began playing fiddle tunes on the guitar and learning finger style guitar. Became big Doc Watson and John Hurt fan.

Took up the mandolin at age 20 when he started playing in a little BG band with his younger brother Paul. Still enjoys singing the old time brother duets with his brother at family gatherings.

Big musical influences include the Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Tim O’Brien, and the Hutchison Brothers.

Played in the mid to late 1970’s with Stoney Lonesome in the Wheeling, WV area.

Played with Mark and Sally Wingate and Gary Daniel along with brother Paul in the Winston Salem area of NC in the early 1990’s.

Moved to AZ in 2000 and began playing with Thomas Porter and Copper River in 2005.

Taste in BG leans more toward the traditional sound.


2005 – Copper River Band

2011 – “Trolley Days” –  Thomas Porter and Copper River

2019 - "Waltz in the Bluegrass" - Old Blue Band

Thomas Porter


Bio and Discography

As the youngest member of the band and a native to the Grand Canyon State, Thomas is a newer bluegrass artist making his debut nationally as a songwriter. In 2010 Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver picked up Thomas’s song “Teddy Bear Revival” for their album, “Light On My Feet, Ready to Fly”. Thomas recently put together a solo project of all original material. The album is being featured worldwide. Thomas plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals. His powerful rhythm and strong vocals help to drive the band and give it an unmistakeable edge.

2005 – Copper River Band

2011 – “Trolley Days” –  Thomas Porter and Copper River

2019 - "Waltz in the Bluegrass" - Old Blue Band

Alvin Blaine


Alvin's Bio and Discography

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